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Kathy Granger - Owner/Manager, Burnie and Smithton Travelcentres 

Places visited: Antarctica, Thailand, Fiji, Indonesia, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Montenegro, Hong Kong, Cambodia, NZ, USA, Canada, Netherlands and Dubai.

Favourite travel destination: Africa.

Why? The people and of course the wildlife.

Travel tips: On a cruise, wear your tightest clothes first as your outfits will progressively become tighter as you indulge in the many options available. As a general rule, let us do the worrying, you just enjoy your holiday.

When I go on holiday, the first thing I pack is: Passport, tickets, itinerary and travel insurance. 

The best thing about my job is: Making peoples dreams come true. "Your holiday begins the moment you walk into the store” is my motto. I am a veteran traveller and am passionate about customer service and making your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Most memorable travel experience: There have been so many, but I will always remember my first game safari in Africa, and sitting in an Irish pub listening to the local music jam session. 

My dream holiday: Anywhere! There are always new places to go, new things to see and new people to meet. 

Burnie Travelcentre

Catherine Segger - Travel Consultant

Places visited: Italy, France, Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, Germany, Morocco, UK, Finland, Sweden, South Korea, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, Switzerland, Egypt and Jordan.     

Favourite travel destination: Greece.

Why? Love the beaches, the food, how friendly the people are and the good vibes there.

Travel Tips: Always have travel insurance. Buy a sim card at your destination airport, as it's always handy to have a working mobile.

When I go on holiday, the first thing I pack is: Medicine, to avoid any awkward situations in a foreign country. 

The best thing about my job is: Helping people plan their dream holiday.

Most memorable travel experience: 10 days in Santorini with my partner. It was a beautiful, relaxing, romantic holiday.

My dream holiday: A romantic getaway to a beach destination (Hawaii, Greece, Maldives, etc).

Smithton Travelcentre 

Fiona Blizzard - Branch Manager

Places visited: Canada, USA, Finland, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand, Norfolk Island, and most of Australia. 

Favourite travel destination: Switzerland and Austria 

Why? The scenery is absolutely beautiful. 

Travel tips: Be prepared for the unexpected.

When I go on holiday, the first thing I pack is: My passport.

The best thing about my job is: Getting excited with our clients whilst planning their dream holiday.

Most memorable travel experience: Holidays are what you make them. Engage with the people around you and lose yourself in the moment and you will have a wonderful time. 

My dream holiday: Everywhere new is a dream, so long as I am with the ones I love, it will be a great time.

Sarah Walsh - Travel Consultant

Places visited: Bali, southern USA (Georgia, Nashville and Florida), New Caledonia (Noumea, Isle of Pines and Lifou), Thailand (Phuket and Similian Islands) and most of the east coast of Australia.

Favourite travel destination: Loved Bali! Will take my family back there soon. 

Why? I went on a work famil, so it was great to relax and be chauffeured around. Balinese people are so eager to help and very welcoming. 

Travel tips: Take travel insurance out as soon as you book your holiday. 

When I go on holiday, the first thing I pack is: Bathers, I love swimming so try to get a swim in whenever I’m away. 

The best thing about my job is: Seeing the excitement on clients faces when I tell them I can organise their whole holiday. It's stress free and if anything goes wrong I can fix it.
Most memorable travel experience: Flying to the USA to see our daughter. She was working in Georgia for two years as a nanny, and it was so great to finally hug her and be tourists as she showed us around Atlanta and other places.
My dream holiday: Cruising the South Pacific. Beautiful blue waters, sunny weather, lots of swimming, what more could you want?

Zoe Dupree - Senior Travel Consultant

Places visited: Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, England, Belgium, Dubai, New Zealand, India

Favourite travel destination: New Zealand

Why? Snowboarding and good times!

Travel tips: Travel Insurance and an open mind.

When I go on holiday, the first thing I pack is: Passport!

The best thing about my job is: I love being just as excited as my client about their dream holiday and how easy we can make it for them!
Most memorable travel experience: Too many to list! Being an Aupair in Italy and then backpacking Europe, snowboarding in Queenstown, backpacking India with my best friends!

My dream holiday: Scandinavia.

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